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At HARTEC uk we provide a full range of vehicle inspections.

Damaged Vehicle Inspections & Reporting

With nearly fifty years experience we are Dependable, Impartial and Independent and a modern forward thinking company. Photo of a damaged car

Key Benefits:-

  • Single Point of Contact For the entire UK and surrounding Islands
  • Efficient Quality Service Standards
  • Standardised & Clear Report Format
  • CPR Compliant Reporting
  • Prompt Response To Follow Up Enquiries
  • Agree reasonable pre-accident and Salvage values where possible


Our Vehicle Inspection Menu

With our wealth of experience we carry out inspections on all types of vehicles. If you require any other type of inspection not listed please get in touch using our contact form. Photo of a damaged car

  • Accident Damaged
  • Post Repair Reporting
  • Mechanical Breakdown
  • Valuation Dispute
  • Audatex / Image
  • Auditing
  • Contract / Lease End


Accident Reconstruction / Investigation

All of our reports are prepared by qualified personnel to comply with the CPR protocol. Photo of a damaged car

Key Benefits:-

  • Accident Reconstruction and Analysis
  • Fully Detailed Report
  • Photographic & Video evidence
  • Expert Witness Statements


Specialist Reporting

We carry out inspections and reporting on specialist areas including the following:- Photo of a damaged car

Key Products:-

  • Paint analysis/Industrial fall out
  • Tachograph Investigations
  • Tyre Examinations


Our Repair Capabilities

We have used our experience and skills to give our customers the service standards they expect. Photo of a damaged car

We have full repair facilities available with these key benefits:-

  • One Call for the entire UK
  • Audatex / Image Facilities
  • Cars, Light Commercial Vehicle
  • HGV Repairer Network
  • Fast Efficient and Cost Saving Service
  • Reduced Down Time
  • Competitive Rates Agreed
  • Courtesy Car / Hire Car Provision
  • Pay On Use Facilities
  • Fully Approved Repair Network
  • 24-365 Recovery Facilities


Diminution Value Reports

What is Diminution in value?

Well it's been with us since 1973 but what is Diminution in a vehicle's value?

The principal behind Diminution simply is would you buy a car that's been involved in an accident that's been satisfactorily repaired, rather than one that hadn't been involved in an accident?... No!

What if a reduction in the price was offered because it had?... Maybe?

Well that's the principal behind diminution in value, how much off the car would entice someone to consider buying it?

Under law and the 1967 Misrepresentation Act, the vendor, if asked, must disclose to a prospective purchaser, that the car he is proposing to sell has been involved in an accident and subsequently been repaired.


When considering whether Diminution in Value does or does not occur and if it does occur, quantifying the same, then a number of factors must be considered, including the following points: -

  • The age of the vehicle: - The newer the vehicle, the more likely Diminution in Value will occur.

  • The mileage of the vehicle: - Vehicles that have covered more than an average mileage for their age, generally suffer less from Diminution in Value than one with a below average mileage.

  • The severity of the impact: - As a general rule a vehicle that has only suffered slight cosmetic damage will not suffer any great Diminution in Value as a result of the repairs carried out. However, if the vehicle's structure has been distorted, or if any welding in structural body panels have been replaced, then Diminution in Value is more likely to occur.

  • Make/Model of the vehicle: - Vehicles of a prestige marque or of a higher specification are more likely to suffer Diminution in Value than lower specification models. The very nature of higher specification models makes them more expensive and the prospective purchaser generally has a higher disposable income and cannot be easily swayed by a small discount to persuade them to buy a vehicle with an accident damage repair history.

So our job, as fully qualified engineers, is to consider all the above and with our experience calculate the diminution, or loss, in the vehicle's value because it has been involved in an accident and subsequently repaired, all be it to a commercially acceptable standard. We than prepare a report with our findings.


Forensic Engineer Inspections and Low Velocity Impacts

Forensic engineer vehicle inspections have become a regular requirement of the Personal Injury Lawyers and Insurance Companies in recent times. Photo of a damaged car

Increasingly, damage levels and compatibility of damage profiles, between claimant and defendant vehicles, are being challenged and a need has developed for damage profiles to be forensically studied, vehicle design, construction, mass and momentum considered and reports produced, establishing whether (or not) the two vehicles have collided.

Low Velocity Impacts (L.V.I.)

Photo of a damaged car

Furthermore, vehicle damage degrees are being assessed in order to determine the likelihood of undue occupant movement, within the target vehicle; this area of expertise being shared between the Forensic Engineer and the Accident Investigator.

An understanding of energy absorption and energy exchange is required and the need to apply this to the incident under notice, to determine whether or not the occupants were subjected to such force that they would have experienced resultant undue movement. If this can be determined then a link can then be established between the sustained damages/vehicle movement and the medical expert's report concerning soft tissue injury.









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Extremely efficient, excellent customer focus and if the need arises for expert engineering advice the guys at HARTEC uk always deliver.

Andrew Russell - Associate Director
Irwin Mitchell



We find HARTEC uk’s service proficient with clear, accurate reports despatched quickly by email and post. They also provide efficient follow up support and friendly technical advice

Frank Wade, Head of Claims
Walker Morris Solicitors

Walker Morris Solicitors

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